Can The Chemicals In Your Pads Be The Reason Why Your Periods Are Heavy? Although we have periods and our body naturally cleanses itself every time we have our cycles, our uterus sometimes holds back blood clots, mucus and stagnated blood that is left behind during your menstrual cycle. This includes pinned up stress in the womb, the energy of past relationships/ partners, emotional traumas, rape or abuse, all of this remains physically trapped inside our womb. We have to also be mindful of the sanitary napkins that we use if you aren’t consciously purchasing organic tampons or pads then your favourite tampon or pad is more than likely filled with a bunch of chemicals. The collection of chemicals that our bodies receive on a monthly basis is insane. The chemicals found in these products oftentimes is what contributes to yeast infections, BV, PCOS, irregular periods, fibroids, etc. We have to purge ourselves of all these toxins. Vaginal steaming, feminine teas, women’s wellness bitters and incorporating alkaline-based lifestyle will help you ladies get your wombs to a healthier functioning reproductive system. A healthy period is 4 days in length. No cramps, no blood clots, no brown blood at the beginning or end of your cycle. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have a healthy period because unfortunately many women don’t have a healthy menstrual cycle. Get started by treating your yoni right by visiting our shop section to purchase a pack of our Organic Pads!

About the author : Aykez
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